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Contending for my faith with my little children

Over the holiday season I bumped into a college classmate I hadn’t seen or talked to since leaving Bible school in June of 2002. I told him about my kids, about the Bible lessons I do with them in the evenings. He interrupted, “You started in the beginning, with creation. You were always big on that.”

I smiled, he was right. I had started in Genesis 1:1.

It’s been six months now doing almost nightly lessons with my children and we’ve made it all the way to Genesis 1:19. It’s been a blast! We’ve recorded many of the lessons and the kids ask to listen to them as they go to bed.

I read this line in a Wall Street Journal article from last week, “Most of us produced our best art, asked our deepest philosophical questions… when we were mere children.” Amen. I don’t always take questions from my kids, but when I do I often find myself contending for my faith.

Of course, I’m not contending with those who are contentious, but rather with those who, “Need to know what is true.” (see below my journal entry from 1.15.11)

“A couple nights ago we were watching a video about the sun done by the History Channel. During the program they were talking about the history of the sun and JJ asked, “How do they know that what they are saying is true? Only God was there, He is the only one who knows how He made the sun… I need to know what is true and what is not true because I’m going to have to teach this to my children someday and I need to teach them the truth.”

So, I’m trying to teach my children the truth. It’s a big job, I’ve been on day 4 of creation for over a month now. JJ is 7, Elizabeth is 6, Elijah is 2, and Jeremiah is 11 months.

I welcome you to follow my postings as I contend for my faith with my little children.

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